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Why Choose Tiles

Why Choose Tiles?

Benefits of Using Tiles

Tiles are rated as one of the most durable flooring choices available. It is not only created and designed to withstand the heaviest of traffic, but also trouble-free. With just minimal maintenance, the beauty of tiles is maintained for the longest time.

Yes, you read it right


All you need to do is just sweep, wash or a simple spray of your preferred tile cleaner and they will look like when they were just installed.

The style and appearance of tiles complement any décor. Whether it is contemporary or rustic ethnic style, tiles definitely have colour and texture to fit every need.

Tiles are considered to be environmentally friendly. Being made from raw materials like clay and sand help reduce the amount of allergens in the household, making it just as friendly on your family as it is on the environment.

They can be installed in many places such as in the living area, kitchen, bathroom, shower stall, backsplash on vanity top, car porch or even in the outdoor garden area as tiles are made to be weather and fade resistant.

Having tiles at home will definitely change the outlook and standpoint of the home. Studies have shown that tiled homes do have higher resale value compared to homes with carpeting or other flooring methods. Regardless of how tiles are being used, whether it is a custom designed shower stall or a colourful backsplash in the kitchen, these tiled homes tend to have higher appraisal value. So start to upgrade the look and value of your home.

What is Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tile is a ceramic tile with very distinct qualities. It refers to a highly compact, dry or dust pressed tile that is produced using high quality raw materials and specialized production techniques. To ensure the durability of the porcelain tile, it is pressed under high pressure and fired at a high temperature of 1250◦ Celsius for a period of time. The product is completely vitrified and hence completely impervious and with excellent mechanical properties.

What is Glazed Through Body Porcelain Tile?

For a glazed through body porcelain tile, pigments are added to the mixture before glazing. That is to guarantee the perfect match of colour for the tile’s body with the glaze surface. The advantage of this is if the glaze surface is chipped or worn out, the colour of the body beneath closely resembles the colour of the glazed surface, hence the damage is unnoticeable. Identical to glazed porcelain, the hardness of glaze is tested using an index from the Porcelain Enamel Institute with the rating scale from 0 to 5 classification.

All tiles are classified under PEI rating, although it is more common with floor tiles. The 5-scale rating is as follows:


No foot traffic

(wall tile only)


Very light traffic

(e.g. bathroom)


Light traffic

(e.g. bathroom and bedroom)


Light to moderate traffic

(most domestic floors; no heavy appliances / traffic)


Moderate to heavy traffic

(e.g. door entry, kitchen, balcony, some commercial)


Heavy traffic

(all domestic / commercial uses with heavy abrasion / footfall)

Today, most ceramic floor tiles carry a PEI rating from 3 to 4, with porcelain tiles ranging from PEI 3 to 5.

Flooring Fight – Tile Versus Wood Flooring And Carpet

Many homeowners always face a tough time when it comes to the decision on which flooring to choose. But fret not, read on and you will have a better understanding on which trumps the other, and will ease your difficulty in deciding.

wood flooring

Wood Flooring

There are many varieties and choices in today’s wood flooring market. As the price of wood flooring varies from the materials and other different factors, having natural wooden substance can definitely bring cosiness into the home. However, the probabilities of deterioration are fairly high. Wood flooring is needed to be away from direct sunlight as the colour of wood will fade over a period of time.

Wood flooring need lots of attention, as it is susceptible to damage caused by water. Bloated, puffy and distorted floors may result if water is not wiped off immediately. Wood flooring are like pets, it requires more attention and maintenance. Proper cleaning such as regular wipe and vacuum is essential to prevent scratches that will make the entire flooring lose its lustre. But when cleaning no longer restores shine, waxing, recoating and possibilities of refinishing is the next step.


Homeowners can enjoy an economical and affordable option that adds a warm touch to any home with the right choice of carpet. Compared to tile and wood flooring, carpet is the cheapest option and by far has a huge range of colours, style and textures, patterns and qualities selection to fit their sense of style perfectly.

Carpet will be the right option for homeowners who wishes to change their home décor every few years due to the ease of installation. Although carpet can feel luxurious and warm on bare feet, it takes an enormous effort to maintain the look and feel of the product. Carpet has unique benefits of holding the dirt, dust, contaminants and allergens that enter or descend to the floor. The option of selecting carpet needs a thorough consideration if dust allergies are of concern. Carpeted flooring will create a catastrophic situation for pet lovers as well. Besides that, extra cautiousness is needed if carpet is in use, as stains can easily set in should food or drink spill.

In a recent research by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), customers tend to stay away from carpet due to cleaning and maintenance issues. In this current market, it is challenging and costly to look for a proper carpet cleaning service. However, repeated carpet cleaning can leave a sticky residue on the carpet, making it looking unattractive. Other than that, a weekly vacuum session is essential to ensure the carpet is clean and dust free.



The varieties available for a tiled floor are virtually unlimited. Homeowners can unleash their creativity and put their ideas into custom designs that would make their floor an exclusive and unique piece of art. Tiles have been valued for its beauty and durability for centuries. Designed to be trouble-free with very minimal maintenance and cleaning needed, sweep, wipe or a spray of your preferred cleaning solution maintains its everlasting beauty.

As always, style, outlook and resale value has to be taken into account. The style and appearance of tiles have a great compatibility to any décor. Whether it’s contemporary or rustic ethnic style, tiles definitely have a colour and texture to fit every need. Studies have also shown that tiled homes do have higher resale and appraisal values compared to homes with other flooring methods.

Imagination and creativity is the only limitation of installing tiles. It can adapt into any place with any patterns. During the early years, adaptability of tiles were explored in many unthinkable great places such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower stalls, living areas, even in bedrooms and outdoor gardens and patios as tiles are made to be weather, fade and frost resistant. So start upgrading the look of your home.

Making the decision

Before concluding and making the final decision on your flooring option, ponder and compare the list of features to ensure the selection fits your needs, budget and value for money.


For a better quality product with everlasting beauty, expect to pay a little more as in the long run, this decision will prove its returns with fundamental and intrinsic values. Niro Granite’s porcelain tiles have always been known to be elegant, natural and simple which ensures lasting beauty and appeal. This should be a factor when deciding on which flooring material to use as renovation works can be messy and you would prefer to do it just once. Eliminating the wear and tear situation, the best decision is to select the option with minimal maintenance yet provide higher resale and perceived value. Porcelain tiles have been proven to last a lifetime and with the minimalist and everlasting designs of Niro Granite tiles, you will just have to make that decision once.


Any type of flooring will require some form of maintenance. Wood flooring needs sealing, waxing and ultimately refinishing, while carpet will require constant vacuum and cleaning. In such circumstances, tiles need minimal maintenance with just normal sweeping and cleaning to have it looking as good as new.


tiles are also a good option for different areas such as using non-slip tiles for wet areas especially when there is an elderly person utilizing the area; a play area where your child will not pick up unwanted germs because of the easy to clean surface; wood design tiles can be applied to outdoor patios where minimum maintenance is needed. Porcelain tiles are great to use as kitchen counter tops as they can withstand high temperatures, so no more worries on warping counter tops when your hot cake pans are placed on the surface.


With proper installation, tiles can last for a lifetime and is the winner when it comes to durability. Wood flooring offer the next level of durability, however, you will need to be prepared for water damage or scratched floorings with wear and tear. It is no doubt that wood floorings are able to last for years, but it is not designed for everlasting use. Out of the three options, carpeting is the least durable. With proper care, carpet floorings may last up to 10 years but definitely no longer than that. It may also wear out even sooner if it is in high traffic areas. Wood designed porcelain tiles used in an al fresco café will definitely retain its beauty and newness with no need of sanding and recoating every few years compared to wooden floorings; polished porcelain tiles in your living area will constantly have that shine without the need to constantly polish your floor.

Expensive Less Expensive Cheaper
Easy to maintain: Least time consuming and lowest maintenance cost Needs sealing, waxing, and ultimately refinishing. More time consuming and higher maintenance cost. Requires constant vacuum and shampoo cleaning. Extra time consuming and higher maintenance cost.
Lasts for a lifetime after proper installation Last for years Least durable. Lasts up to 10 years.
Indoor and outdoor from light to very heavy traffic Dry and wet areas

From strong to minimal sunlight and high to low temperature areas

Indoor and outdoor

Dry area only

Light sunlight and moderate temperature only.

Indoor only

Dry area only

Minimal sunlight and low temperature only

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    Bathroom 40 sqft 80 sqft 120 sqft
    Outdoor 100 sqft 150 sqft 200 sqft
    Bedroom 100 sqft 150 sqft 200 sqft