What To Look For When Choosing Non-Slip Tiles For Your Home

Anyone, regardless of age, can slip and fall at anytime, anyplace. 

Despite being one of the most frequent causes of injury worldwide, slips and falls caused by slippery surfaces tend to be avoidable. 

For instance, selecting tiles that are slip-resistant helps stop such mishaps and improve safety in homes, companies, and public spaces! 

Let’s talk about a few pointers on the main advantages of non-slip tiles and how to select non-slip kitchen and bathroom tiles in this article! 

Non-slip Tiles: What Are They And How Do They Work? 

Even though they are made differently to be non-slip, non-slip tiles offer the same durability and elegance as other porcelain and ceramic tiles. This could involve making the tile in a different way with an anti-slip effect added or applying a coating to the tile that lowers the danger of slipping. 

The innovative slip-stop surface from Niro Granite provides a smooth surface but creates an anti-slip effect when it comes into touch with wetness! 

The Niro Granite Slip-Stop tiles create greater friction in wet circumstances and durability by infusing a specific substance onto the surface of glazed porcelain tiles. In addition, it has a rating of P4 according to the Pendulum Test, with a rating of P0 – P5 where P5 has the maximum slip resistance. 

Niro Granite’s Slip-Stop tiles have been evaluated for stain resistance, and the surface received a minimum of Class 4 on a scale of 1 to 5 (Class 5 being the maximum stain resistance). 

This anti-slip surface is useful for spaces that are prone to water collection, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas, and is especially suitable for homes with elderly people and young children. It also protects against accidents on slick floors. 

What Should You Be On The Lookout For In Non-Slip Tiles?

  • Outstanding wet anti-slip performance and resistance to slips and falls on slick surfaces 
  • Stain-resistant, simple to keep 
  • Surface that is high durability and anti-slip 
  • Able to produce seamless designs and be used both inside and outside 

Why Is It Vital For Your Home To Have Non-Slip Or Slip-Stop Tiles?

The Assurance Of Safety

Non-slip tiles aid in avoiding serious accidents that would otherwise occur. As a result, it is essential in all wet parts of the home, particularly bathrooms.

Less Expensive Than Alternative Solutions

When compared to alternative solutions, non-slip tiles are incredibly cost-effective; making your surface non-slip will ultimately save you money.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Because they are stain-resistant, non-slip tiles require little care as they are easy to clean.

The Durability

Tiles that prevent slipping are sturdy and resistant to scratches. In the home, bathrooms see a lot of traffic and are frequently utilised. Hence, the floor’s endurance is critical, and you may ensure it by using these tiles.

Versatile In Design

To ensure that you don’t have to compromise on the design and theme of your bathroom, these tiles are offered in a variety of spectacular designs, themes, and sizes.

The Non-slip Tiles That Are Available For Your Bathroom And Kitchen: 

  • Pedregal by Niro Granite

The contemporary stoneware tile line Pedregal by Niro Granite, which keeps the traditional appearance of asymmetrical shapes and fantasies, was inspired by the famed Italian stone Ceppo di Gré. 

Pedegral not only has outstanding slip-stop function (it’s produced using slip stop technology), but also attractively embraces common and elegant traits that strangely draw attention with their grey colours from natural stone! 

  • Legacy by Niro Granite 

Legacy, an Italian stone from Tuscany, was used as the template for its design, which narrates the essence of mother nature. 

The design expresses the depth and robustness of Italian stone, where both provide an excellent aesthetic quality. 

This tile series is available in three colours and has a slip-stop surface that is helpful when used in wet places like the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor spaces. 

With The Slip-Stop Tiles From Niro Granite For Your Kitchen And Bathroom, You Can Enjoy Both Safety And Style 

For added safety in bathrooms or kitchens, choose slip-stop tiles like Niro Granite’s Pedregal and Legacy tiles. 

Niro Granite is a good option if you want non-slip kitchen or bathroom tiles.

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