Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplashes

In a kitchen or bathroom, the backsplash is referred to as a vertical extension above the counter or any other countertop. For many years, the backsplash has been a crucial component of any kitchen or bathroom, serving as a barrier against a variety of spills and stains, including grease splatter from cooking, unintentional food splatter, smoke from flames and moisture from washing. Cleaning and maintaining the work area gets easier with a backsplash.

These days, backsplashes are more than just functional; they can also be designed for aesthetics, adding a wonderful artistic aspect to your kitchen or bathroom. A backsplash can be made from several kinds of materials, including wood, natural stone, ceramic tiles, glass, or metal. When adding diverse colours, textures, forms, and laying patterns into the design, backsplash may be creative and artistic. Today, we’ll look at backsplash ideas that incorporate colourful mosaics of glass and ceramic, providing both traditional and contemporary design inspiration for a textured living environment.

Backsplash Design #1: Modern Minimalist 

White glass and silver metal mosaic tiles can be used as a backsplash to cover the stove wall completely, from the counter all the way up to the ceiling, creating a gorgeous backdrop for your cooking area. A light shade, ceiling-height backsplash can offer your kitchen a clean and fresh modern minimalist appeal. The complete mosaic-covered wall not only creates a focal point but also connects all components of the space, visually expanding the kitchen space and creating a clean, bright, and comfortable environment. 

Backsplash Design #2: Oriental Theme 

Do you want to impress your guests with an eye-catching backsplash? Incorporate an oriental theme into your bathroom backsplash. The design concept is a mix of Oriental and Modern Minimalist elements, with crimson and gold undertones and Oriental-inspired mosaics on the wall. The red mosaics are put at random, and an Oriental piece of art might be added to complete the look. To combine the complete design, use a solid dark colour countertop or furniture that retains the subtle elements of the Oriental concept while remaining contemporary. 

Backsplash Design #3: Ombre Style 

Ombre is a term used to express the gradual blending or evolution of colour, frequently moving tones from dark to light or vice versa depending on the artist’s inventiveness. Adding ombre to a wall is a natural extension of the fashion trend since it is now prevalent in both clothing and hairstyles. By combining two to three tones or more, moving from the darkest to the lightest hue you have chosen, you can create this backsplash design. We chose the blue and white colour scheme for this bathroom backsplash from our selection of hexagonal mosaics. The blue tone induces a state of serenity and tranquillity, allowing you to sit back and relax while taking a hot bath.