Terrazzo Tile Designs to Impress Your Guests

Terrazzo tiles are now making a wave in the world of interior design. With its distinct texture and eye-catching appearance, it’s clear to understand why terrazzo tiles aren’t just making a resurgence among architects and designers today – they’re here to stay. 

The buzz over terrazzo tiles reflects the present homeowner’s dilemma – to have a home that is a fun development of the concrete industrial and minimalist style that has been the go-to style in Malaysia for some time now. 

Aren’t Terrazzo Tiles Typically Used in Bathrooms? 

While they are generally used in bathrooms, they are flexible and can be used wherever, including floors in main living areas, floor-to-ceiling in bathrooms, feature walls, bench tops, and patios. The list goes on and on! 

In fact, terrazzo tiles from Malaysia’s most popular tile shops enable young and lively homeowners to embrace a variety of tones, surfaces, and bespoke finishes that can suit a wide range of interests in home interior design. 

Terrazzo tiles are not only an excellent option to add fascinating designs to a space, but they are also a stunning and cost-effective alternative to actual stone. 

Zirconio Barnwood Living Room

3 Terrazzo Tile Designs That Will Astound Your Guests 

1) Highlight warm colours and tones 

Because terrazzo appearance tiles can appear ‘cold,’ they match nicely with warm colour schemes. These tiles are available in cold and neutral colours that can be enhanced with warm, earthy tones and pops of colour in your interior design. 

Select a colour scheme with a bold pop and consider combining it with warm wood tones. You can also experiment with different shades of warm lighting to create an attractive yet wonderfully comfortable atmosphere. 

2) Replace Stone & Wood With Terrazzo Tiles 

The classic combination of stone tones and warm wood never fails to wow. 

As a result, even though terrazzo tiles are manufactured, their multi-toned appearance makes them appear very organic, as if they are formed of stone! 

This allows them to compliment your wood furniture extremely nicely while being far less expensive than stone! In this case, the wood cabinets become the focal point, with the tiles acting as a good supporting character to the magnificent cabinet colours. 

You have the flexibility to choose materials with a more dramatic appearance when applying terrazzo tiles because the subtlety of the tiles themselves will balance them out! 

3) Experiment With Soft Textures And Warm Elements 

Terrazzo tile may give a space a very frigid feeling despite being generally simple and elegant in design. 

As a result, many wise designers utilise texture (such as a luxury sofa or a marble table) or supplementary décor elements (such as a vase of flowers) to make the space appear warmer. 

A grey couch, for example, can add a premium impression to your living area while also softening it. You may also use rugs, drapes, and other fabrics to warm up the room, which is wonderfully tiled with terrazzo! 

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