Modern Classic – Kitchen

“To design an interior space, I will always make sure to use maximum natural lighting. Therefore, I would use big windows as it makes an area look more spacious. Using only natural colour palletes as these tones and shades are timeless. Wood, concrete and stone are my favourites as I have fun designing with them. Bold feature walls will be used to avoid dullness in an area to add some contrast whereby your space becomes more appealing. And finally, add a touch of luxury by using bronze or gold metal. I will also try to use marble as it will add some elegance and grand element to the design.”
Designer Nurul Zafirah Izzati
Room Types Kitchen

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  • Size Guide

    S M L
    Living 50 sqft 100 sqft 150 sqft
    Dining 30 sqft 70 sqft 100 sqft
    Kitchen 70 sqft 90 sqft 120 sqft
    Bathroom 40 sqft 80 sqft 120 sqft
    Outdoor 100 sqft 150 sqft 200 sqft
    Bedroom 100 sqft 150 sqft 200 sqft