Transform Your Balcony into an Outdoor Haven: Creative Ideas to Explore

Most of the balconies in Malaysia’s homes and offices are either neglected or filled with damaged outdoor furniture. The small, wasted space can be transformed into an enchanting hangout, or a place to relax and entertain. Especially during lockdowns, balconies with an outside view are more valuable than ever. A typical balcony in an apartment or a condominium during the hands down by housing developers is a boring piece of concrete floor with no personality. But there are plenty of ways to transform boring pieces into affordable tiles. When it comes to balcony flooring, it has the same needs as any other outdoor flooring that is prone to moisture, bad weather and heat. Apart from your preferred design theme or usage, it is also important that the tile has anti-sloppy features for safety in some cases.  

Here are some ideas where the small outdoor space is transformed into the living space you can’t resist. 

A Workplace At Home 

Due to the popular work-from-home trend, home offices are in high demand. The natural marble-patterned tiles on the wall and floor transform this space into an attractive terrace. As the area is enclosed by large windows and is not exposed to damp or water, smooth porcelain tiles can be used. 

An Outdoor Miniature Garden 

Your plants will thrive if they receive enough sunlight and care. The balcony has been transformed into a Japanese-themed room using wood-patterned tiles, which are preferred over actual wood because of their endurance and resilience to water and dampness. Aside from pleasing your eyes with a harmonious balcony design, it also beautifies the entire home. 

Laundry Area 

It would be a fantastic idea to convert the balcony area into a laundry room because it will be a convenient all-in-one facility where practically the full laundry process is done in one space. When positioning the washing machine, take care to keep the electrical wiring away from dampness or water. The ideal tiles would have structured or slip-stop surfaces. 

A Stunning Outdoor Lounge 

Who says having fun has to take place inside? Bring it outside to the balcony to enjoy the great outdoors within your house. If your balcony is large, add a comfortable outdoor-resistant sofa for your visitors. In an open area subject to dampness and rain, tiles could be installed to the wall to reduce yearly painting jobs, and cool grey tone of structured surface stone tiles offer a natural yet refined look that makes the balcony an inviting hangout. 

Yoga Area 

Your balcony is an excellent location for some workouts as it has clean air, a nice view, and the sounds of nature. There is no need to be concerned about the heat because tiles inherently feel cooler underfoot than any other flooring material.