Use One Big Tile To Cover Your One Small Renovation

Big slab tiles or large-format tiles are currently all the trend in modern architecture design. These enormous porcelain tiles come in sizes ranging from 120x120cm all the way up to 160 x 320cm, which is taller than a male elephant and have several additional advantages. Check out the reasons why interior designers choose large-sized tiles before you begin your next repair or construction project. 

Increased Spaciousness of a Room

Greater tile size results in fewer grout lines, and against greater tile size, the grout lines appear smaller. Less grout lines mean less breaks in the wall and are practically invisible, giving the appearance of wallpaper. This truly gives the appearance of additional space, making a tiny area appear larger. The use of lighter coloured tiles that reflect light will have a stronger impact and contribute to the illusion of a larger area. 

Various Uses For Large Tiles

Large format tiles are a versatile component because they can be simply cut into any shape and size due to their size. The large piece can be carved into a round or square tabletop, kitchen island, accent wall for artwork, kitchen counters, and more in addition to covering the floor or wall. To create a different tile layout pattern than an ordinary-sized tile might, the huge tile can also be sliced into unique shapes for the floor. 

Aesthetically Beautiful – Bold, Elegant & Stylish

Larger tiles will provide a high level of consistency and produce a seamless design for tiles with shade variations and patterns (or the veins on marble tiles). Using large-sized tiles reduces the number of tiles needed, which equals a reduction in the number of groupings. When the tiles are laid, the reduction in groupings causes the apparent continuity of the tiles. Similar-colored grout lines will further the seamless look by giving the impression that a single tile covers the entire surface. 

The Modern Style & Statement of Haute Couture

Large format tiles have elevated interior architecture in the present day because of their modern style and opulent appearance. It is simple to pair them with any home decor items to create the desired theme. Large-format tiles produce expansive surfaces that offer a living area a modern feel. To get the minimalist look quickly, keep the area uncomplicated and clutter-free and color-theme it in monochromatic tones. Tiles with thicker marble veins, such as Lavish White, Olympia Grey, or Tuscany Grey from Vogue Grande, help create an opulent appearance. 

Less Cleaning, Easy to Maintain

Tiles are naturally a low-maintenance flooring option, and the fewer grout lines mean there is less room for dirt to collect. Instead of spending time cleaning it, you now have more time to admire your brand-new large format floor.