Picking The Right Tiles For Your Staircases

In a home or commercial establishment, staircases not just function as a way of getting up and down; they can also be used for aesthetic and design, or as a focal point of the space. Before choosing the right tiles for a staircase, there are several things to take into consideration. 


Most of the staircases are thought to be high-traffic places because so many different feet walking on it every day. It is best to pick a tile surface that can endure for years and is tough and simple to keep clean. Tiles with a matte finish are great choices because they are tough and hide dirt well. 


Staircases are places where accidents involving falls are common; as a result, reducing the risk and reducing fall consequences are crucial considerations, particularly for households with small children or elderly people. Higher-friction or anti-slip tiles are good choices for reducing the likelihood of accidents. Tiles’ grooved surface improves their adherence to the ground and prevents sliding. 

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Reducing The Impact Of Falling

Although tiles are typically rough, they are nonetheless a suitable option for stairways because of their visual appeal and durability. You can reduce the impact of falls by installing a carpet runner on your staircase. For this strategy, take into consideration tiles in deeper colours. They function as an appealing backdrop for the runner you choose. 

Visual Appeal

It is simple to create an aesthetic design with tiles because staircases are feature points in both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Wood Design Tiles

Wood design tiles are large planks with dimensions of 30 x 150cm. The tread of the staircase can be covered by each piece of wood tile, creating a lovely, natural appearance with no grout lines.

  • The Colour Of Tiles

Tiles come in various colours, you can mix and match different coloured tiles to display your artwork because they come in a variety of colours. Another alternative is to cover the riser and tread with a variety of tiles. Using the appropriate colours during this procedure aids in creating a specific vibe for your property. For instance, white or variations of lighter-coloured tiles can make your room appear light and airy, while darker variations can give your room a bolder feel. While matt marble-look tiles give richness and class to your area, pairing beige and wood-look tiles is a surefire way to create a laid-back atmosphere.

  • Mosaics

Mosaics are works of art that provide stair risers an outstanding and elegant appearance. With its artistic design, the staircase will undoubtedly serve as the room’s focal point.