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“There’s No Place Like Home”

Nothing personifies a homeowner’s personality better than their choice of beautiful materials for the place they call home. However, making that choice is not always an easy decision and when renovating or choosing what’s right for you and for your home is a top priority. Imagine visualising how the tiles or flooring would look like after installation, selecting and deciding the right materials for the right areas, sorting out designs and matching colours that would meet your style – all of this takes time, takes energy and more importantly making the wrong choice will be an expensive mistake.

The Niro Ceramic Group understood these challenges faced by homeowners when shopping for materials in a traditional showroom. As such, the new innovative concept of Creative Lab was born. Designed to be an experiential retail environment that enables decisions to be made with ease, convenience and comfort; ensuring the right decision are made on materials for floor, wall, sanitaryware and renovations for the home.

The Creative Lab showroom is designed with great ambience by making sure ranges are well organized and easy for customers to select products of their styling. That process of selection starts from the ‘Top Picks’ wall that displays the bestsellers with different colour tones, sizes and surfaces that supports homeowners to efficiently narrow down their selection and choices. Ensuring top notch advice at all our showrooms is a priority with our professionally trained Design Consultants guiding you through the selections and helping you design your home using our very own state-of-the art design software.

Together with our Design Consultants, homeowners’ develop full 3D-designs that meets every aspect of their requirements including functionality, appeal and style as well as budget considerations in an almost instant manner. Once that dream design is done, customers get to touch and feel the products, making that final decision with our samples with different finishes and textures that they can also bring home. Our design philosophy is built on a creative collaborative effort which facilitates a homeowners’ participation with the consultants so that the final visualisation and the end result becomes the design of their dreams and desires.

At the core of it, Creative Lab is a new way of experiencing home renovation assuring homeowners’ that they are making the right choices at the right budgets as well as being able to envision what their full experience will be once their home is renovated. A unique design center essential to getting qualified expert advice on design, products and after sales experience in a relaxed, comforting, efficient manner avoiding the tedious sometimes stressful traditional matter of selecting home renovation products.

We welcome you to Creative Lab, a new home renovation shopping experience that everyone can enjoy and to be able to Bring Home Your Ideas.

  • Size Guide

    S M L
    Living 50 sqft 100 sqft 150 sqft
    Dining 30 sqft 70 sqft 100 sqft
    Kitchen 70 sqft 90 sqft 120 sqft
    Bathroom 40 sqft 80 sqft 120 sqft
    Outdoor 100 sqft 150 sqft 200 sqft
    Bedroom 100 sqft 150 sqft 200 sqft